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Fuel your passion to be alive!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Each of us has an incredible potential to discover the entire universe within and outside ourselves. To be alive is the greatest adventure we are on!! And if it does not feel like an adventure, if it does not feel like a journey of exciting discoveries, full of new learnings and realizations, then is time to start asking ourselves: how is it that I lost connection with my passion, with my life force? What is happening to me that I lost connection to my aliveness?

Then it is time to really be honest and go inside and ask yourself: When did I choose safety, security, coziness, and feeling protected rather tan feeling adventurous?

When did I stop feeling engaged with my life?

And how I became preoccupied only with fitting in and not upsetting anybody?

How alive do you actually feel today?

When was the last time you felt passionate about your life?

We have such a great potential: to be alive, to be joyful, to enjoy, to feel courageous and passionate…

So tell me: how can you start fuelling your passion

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