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Individual sessions

Eating Disorders Counselling

Couples sessions

Assisted Inquiry Sessions / Essence Work

Individual Sessions


 A safe space for you to explore any situation or challenge you want to have a deeper look at. Creating a healing opportunity for change and deep insight. 

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Eating Disorders Counselling

These sessions are for you if you are struggling with eating behaviors, body image, weight, dieting, and body distress.

If you will like to discover, understand, heal and transform your relationship with your body and discover your real essence.

They will support you to make the changes necessary for recovery. 

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Couples sessions

We are wired for connection. We need to create safe bonds in order to feel nourished, relaxed and loved.

The loving connection with a partner that we long for is possible. We both need to learn to be emotionally present for each other.


To be emotionally present is learning to be responsive, tune in and hold our partner´s emotional states. Bringing presence in our relating particularly shapes our relationship in moments when we feel vulnerable or when we are going through challenges.


When both parties learned how to communicate their   emotional needs effectively, you can create a safe paradise where our relationship can mature and grow in love.


With the support of therapy and guidance with Thirak you can restore the connection after any conflict that may arise between the two of you.



In these sessions, you will learn the skills that couples with long, loving, and successful relationships have learned to master.

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Assisted Inquiry sessions

Essence work

Being present indicates an inner state from where we are capable of recognizing reality as it is, rather than perceiving it through the filters and prejudices of our past.

This session is about learning to be with yourself from a space of clarity and delicate awareness.

It will support you with whatever is occurring at the moment. It is grounded in sensing and awareness of our body, mind, and heart. This awareness can be developed by your curiosity to inquire into what is happening within yourself.

A journey back to our home and to remember who we really are. A process of waking up to our real self.

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