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Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Does parenthood challenge you or does it bring you joy?

The journey of parenthood is a journey of discovery and spiritual awakening.

It is a journey that confronts us with many challenges…it is a journey that requires a lot of strength and courage, because we are trying to be assertive, at the same time, that we are trying to be loving.

Sometimes, it may feel like going against everything you knew about yourself and going against the collective influence…

it takes a lot of energy to break out from who you think you are, what is ok, and what is not ok.

We are dealing with our personal ego and we are also mirroring the innocence, the vulnerability, the love of our child, “a blank slate” that is completely dependent on us.

On top of this, for many of us, there is you and your partner, trying to find your own ground and style into parenthood!!! So it is such a dance, such a responsibility, that we have to learn to deal with our superego or “the inner-judge inside our heads”, and with the collective field.

This is why, it is so important for us to find the fiery essential quality within us, that could connect us with our intuition, and our truth nature and follow this.

To commit to your own journey of awakening and self discovery, to remember who you are, it is a must for having a guiding light in this journey.

The fiery side of a parenthood is like the power of the storm, never ending source of energy and love and as delicate and vulnerable, like a raindrop in the morning light, because we become hurtable, the love and the pain of having a child go hand by hand, it is incredibly human and so mysterious at the same time, incredibly beautiful and incredibly painful.

And as my dear friend @Kalidinjoy once told me about the journey into parenthood: “welcome to the other side of life!!!”…

....yes my friends!!!, it is a wild, delicious ride into our human experience.

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