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Meet Thirak Rochin  

I see challenges as a great opportunity to know yourself.  I have supported many people to face challenges in a way that transforms them into aliveness, passion, and fulfilment in life.


I truly believe that every challenge, every heartbreak, every struggle is a doorway to remember our real essence. I see it as a journey back to our home where we can remember who we really are. It’s a process of waking up to our real self.



With 21 years of experience in the personal development, therapy and mindfulness fields, I live and breathe this work.


Creating a safe and compassionate space for you to reconnect with your inner guidance from a space of clarity and delicate awareness, is one of the privileges in my life.


I practice in a somatic, trauma informed, holistic therapeutic approach that combines counselling, essence work, and mindfulness. 



I completed undergraduate qualifications in Psychology (BA), and BS in Law, and Diploma qualifications in Gestalt therapy. I have further training in Holistic Counselling, and Essence work Training and Working with People Training. 


In addition to my private practice I am a leader and Senior Facilitator of Path Retreats  a group process  called Path of Love run all over the world. I also run Mother Medicine, workshops offering rites of passage for mothers. 

In my younger years I battled with an eating disorder, a painful experience that then led me on a journey of healing and personal growth. So understandably I feel passionate about supporting people who struggle with disorder eating and body image, and to help them identify the cause of their suffering so that their healing can be lasting.


As a wife and mother I understand the joys and challenges of navigating relationship while parenting well. We all have times when we feel  overwhelmed, exhausted, depleted, angry, and guilty. And this can challenge our capacity to be loving and available to our children, to our partners, and to ourselves. The support of a skilled professional can help you each find your unique way of parenting together. It can also improve the quality of your relationship, something that can profoundly influence how we live our life.

Available for face to face sessions at Thrive Clinic in Mullumbimby, NSW.

Online sessions also available.

To book call +61491154567

Free 10 minutes phone consult

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