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Fully alive

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Do you take risks? Do you feel courageous and adventurous?

Looking at my almost 2 years old boy falling over and getting right back up again with an incredible sense of adventure and an amazing drive to learn how to use new things and master new abilities, I can see his courageous ways of non stopped taking risks. I see through him how we are build to be fully alive and to be passionate about life.

However, through our conditioning, fear, and negative beliefs, we don´t let ourselves to be fully alive .

Many times, we do not explore all our possibilities and discover our potential for a life that is engaged, a life where we are not scared of falling and we are not preoccupied of making mistakes.

A life were we can take risks and live an adventure.

When we start following the call for inner development, we need to connect with this courageous force within us. We need to be fearless and have the courage to follow our truth. This call can feel like if you are going against the collective conditioning, it can feels like you are going against all that used to feel familiar to us. It is like a salmon swimming against its conditioning and the collective reality.

It takes incredible strength and courage to follow your call to living a life according to what matters to you and what makes you happy.

We need our FIRE to connect to our heart and our passion.

It might be that what is considered acceptable for many and what was inhered to us by our parents and society, might be not what is important to us anymore. It could have become part of your identity and who we think we are, but when we start to look deeper we start realising that it does not feel ours anymore.

When we take the journey of "waking up", we are not only dealing with our conditioning, but we are dealing with all the barriers imposed by society. Therefore, If we start to question everything we know as true, or everything that everybody believes in, we really need to support ourselves with the fiery quality of our Essential Nature. If we want to discover who we really are without the pre-established ideas about ourselves, we are deciding to go in the greater adventure we can possibly embrace.

In therapy work, we learn to reconnect with this quality of our Being, so we can support ourselves. We get in touch and learn to access this powerful energy that helps us separate from what does not serve us anymore. We re-learn to star connecting to our life force and courage to dare to be ourselves and reconnect and follow our passion.

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