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Let the challenges of your life take you on a journey
of remembering and rediscovering who you really are.


Are you aware that it's possible to respond to the challenges in your life in a different way? That you don't need to go into the old habitual ways of responding, like collapsing into depression, hopelessness or punishing yourself with self-criticism, or destructive patterns of behaviour?

I see challenges as a great opportunity to know yourself.  I have supported many clients to face those challenges in a way that transforms them into more aliveness, passion, and fulfilment in their lives.

You can experience this too... if you are willing to give yourself the chance.

Don´t let yourself miss your life.

Support is here for you to embrace it and live it in a way you didn´t know was possible.

Contact me today to begin your journey towards healing.



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A Fullfiling Life Is Within Reach

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The Journey Towards a Fulfilling Life Begins on the Path of Self Love.   

Begin Your Journey Today.

"I had a lot of work to do on myself, a lot of past trauma to clear and Thirak guided me through this magically – She is kind and compassionate but also a little fiery which was such a great balance as she managed to pull that out in me when I needed her too. The space she created for me was solid, safe and open, so with her guidance I felt free to release whatever came up and I made some pretty life-changing shifts.
If you are thinking of working with her….stop thinking and just do it, it might just be the best thing you could ever do for yourself "


Vanessa Main.  

Strategist, Mindset Shifter, Innovation Specialist, Brand Developer, Industry Mentor at LOFT Inc

"Thirak caught me when I was in a really dark phase of my life and with her skillful presence, knowing, love, patience, and deep trust she showed me, that with acceptance there's nothing I can't go through.  She taught me to stay with what was there, good and bad, making no distinction. I learned from Thirak how to process, I learned to trust my body. Every state of mine was always welcome in her presence and that state of a complete absence of judgment was a deep relief for me. I feel profound gratitude for her work, for me, she is  a real zen counselor."

Shama Sati

Meditation Facilitator 

“I’m both a professional in the field of therapy and counseling and a passionate seeker. For many years I’ve been receiving sessions for personal reasons and for my training by different kinds of therapists. I particularly appreciated the sessions with Thirak because I felt her capacity to hold the depth of the experience unfolding, understand it and navigate with respect, tenderness and power at the same time. This created the feeling of being truly seen and held which has been very healing for me.”

Nirdosh P. Andreassi

Medical Doctor

"For me, the sessions with Thirak are an incredibly precious space where I feel met in all layers of my being. It is a vast and securely held space where I can meet myself, go through wherever I have to go through and reconnect with my essence and soul, reconnect with who I really am and what is really important. It is a space of transformation, of remembrance and encouragement that is a great gift to me".

Hanna Milling

Author of  #FromWomenToMen

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